Budgeting – It’s this simple


budgeting_is_simpleBudgeting would seem to be very difficult based on how many people are forced to fall back on a credit card, or make late bill payments. But it’s not. Much of this can be solved by having the correct mindset. There are dozens of apps that will tell you how much you have to spend at any given time, and they are fine, but we guarantee you if you talk to anyone with a lot of money they will not tell you that the secret to their success was blindly following the instruction of an app some college kids built. Being financially successful is a hands-on endeavor, part of the reason we are generally against the notion of moving your money around for you, as opposed to you doing it yourself.

So the first step is to make sure that you’re on the path to success. This means figuring out which of your expenses are fixed, how much you want to save, and then how much you have left over to spend. We explain this in further detail here.

When you’re first starting out, you want to make the decisions that either get you easy wins, like eliminating unused subscriptions, or where they will have a large impact. There’s no point in trying really hard to cut down a category that won’t move the needle. We listed the largest spending categories here to help you get started.

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