Get your personal finances in order and grow your net worth.

Track your net worth

All of your assets and debts neatly organized. Check all your balances at once and track your progress over time.

WeVest plans your financial future, now.

Optimize your savings.

Tell us how much you can put towards growing your net-worth and we'll tell you exactly where to put it, every month.

Own your goals.

Retirement planning, college savings, buying a house. Tell WeVest what you want and we'll tell you how to get there.

Forecast your future.

Follow your plan and see where it takes you. With WeVest, you'll know what decisions mean before you make them.

Safe & Secure

256-bit SSL encryption. AES-256 database encrption. We do not store your address, credit card or Social Security number. We don't even need your real name.

Is your financial plan benefiting you, or your financial advisor?

Most people could benefit from a financial plan, yet few people actually have one. Either you pay upwards of $2000 for a plan, or the plan is merely a Trojan Horse to offer you more expensive services.

Typically, the financial advisor takes down all your information, enters it into the same two or three software programs that everyone uses and the computer spits out the answers. You don't need this middle man, so we've eliminated him - and his fee!

Could you do this on your own? Yes. BeforeWeVest, we built every single model in Excel over the course of several hundred hours. We spent another 10,000 development hours bringing it to its current form. If you ask us, we'll give you the spreadsheets, but we're pretty confident you'll like the app better.

We've spent thousands of hours figuring out how WeVest works. So you don't have to.


Other services have tunnel vision.

WeVest brings all of your accounts together and forecasts your entire financial future.


No matter where you are today, WeVest gives you a brighter tomorrow

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